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Tailoring of medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. It does not literally mean the creation of drugs or medical devices that are unique to a patient, but rather the ability to classify individuals into subpopulations that differ in their susceptibility to a particular disease, in the biology and/or prognosis of those diseases they may develop, or in their response to a specific treatment. Preventive or therapeutic interventions can then be concentrated on those who will benefit, sparing expense and side effects for those who will not.

Evidence-based assessments and detailed action plans spanning each individual’s unique activity, diet, environmental and lifestyle needs. In addition to treating disease, we can empower individuals and families to invest in and manage their health. The result is engaging, sustained population health.

Use genomics to differentiate in a competitive market. Identify individual and population-wide patterns. Assess drug and nutrition efficacy in real-time. Leverage the best care-group analytics on the market today.

Catalyze product innovation. Create new fee and service-based revenue streams. Build a long-term relationship with your patients and encourage them to take control of their wellbeing.